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Well. I guess I am doing this journal for a change. Get my emotions, views, goals and anything else I can think of. I just hope this will help me.


April 24, 2014 03:04AM, 3 comments

When did I get 17 followers? 

I am flattered by you guys <3 Just wished you would email/comment telling me to get back on here and write about anything! Would so love it if you guys would do that. Mostly when I haven't been on weeks. So I can show you guys that I am still alive and not in some ditch along the side of the road. Deal?

I would love it! 

I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! MY BROTHER IS CANCER FREE AND HE'S BEING RETIRED OUT OF THE MILITARY! FINALLY! SOME AMAZING NEWS FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. Well about him. I love my brothers. You guys have no idea how much they mean to me. They are my best friends. 


I think so. HAHAHAH nah, probably gonna stay up texting and not studying for my SATs. I am a loser and a half.... Dx


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Am I weird?

March 01, 2014 01:03AM, 1 comments

I only ask this question, due to the fact that I wonder about my mental state....

Emotional state....

Or I'm probably still waiting for them to be controlled by my own Phantom of the Opera..... 

Phantom... Just the Phantom please <3

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Brain Fart

January 17, 2014 05:01PM, 0 comments

Don't you ever have a moment when you have a brain fart and then you just don't wanna do anything. Well maybe I'm just being lazy and I want to use having a brain fart as an excuse. But I have to write this review for the movie Doubt, but I don't have the interest in writing it. It kills me because it's for a grade, but the fact that I don't want to do it at all. So I don't know what to do. I just don't have the heart to write a review for a good movie that I don't have a heart for. Don't get me wrong it was amazing I'm not that into it. Writing wise I guess. Does that Make sense? It didn't for me and I'm the one writing this blog. #FAIL


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School Vs. Doccler

January 15, 2014 05:01PM, 1 comments

I am very surprise to find this website, a blogging website, not blocked by my school. Since I am on the school's computer. :3 Guys. I'm glad that this isn't block. Gives me another reason to slack off on writing my movie reviews for my class, Films and Life Issues x3

Joe, don't hate on me for that x3 I'm just glad that this is working on here. In case I need to blog something.

You can't understand my joy :)

Kat out (:

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January 02, 2014 04:01PM, 2 comments

Well.. I am horrible at keeping promises....

Well I got a new laptop. So maybe I'll be on more often...

My interests have been leaving me...

Like art.... and I think writing is leaving me as well...



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Salem Witch Trials Essay

November 01, 2013 12:11AM, 0 comments

You read right guys. I have to do an essay on the Salem Witch Trials, about how unfair and how different the court system was then, in the 1692 to 2013.

And it's due Nov. 8th with two other projects on the Salem Witch Trials.

Not to mention the other essay I have to write, the poem for my Chemistry lab, the labs I need to finish. The stories I have started years ago, and the book I want to try and start writing.

Did I mention I'm only sixteen and I feel like a college student with all this stuff? Not to mention I have a job. And no life.

Ha...ha....ha.... Can I be five again?

Like for real, someone turn me into a little kid again.

Wait, don't do that. I hated being a little kid. It was the worse time in my life. I had no friends, well big differences now a days right?

Still no friends. Well I do have friends but they really don't talk to me. Does that count as being friends?

I didn't think so...

Did I tell you guys I went to NYC with my big brother this past weekend?

Nope, I didn't, or there would of been a post about it. Well I'm going to stop typing on this and go back typing my Salem Witch Trials essay. Wish me luck.

And oh! If you guys have any websites on the Salem Witch Trials, comment them below. That would be a big help for me. I need to start printing them out to read and highlight. Damn English teachers!!!

Peace out!!

~Kat The Crazy

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October 23, 2013 12:10AM, 0 comments




Well Hello there!

I am not Sherlock Homles.

I wish I was... But sadly, I am the Great and Powerful Kat the Cat!

The writer of this blog, this blog that she keeps forgetting about....

hehe.... Love you?

Kat out!

HA! You thought I was really going away didn't you?!?!

Pst! What kind of writer do you think I am?!?

The lazy type?.... Well thanks....

Well I will write later... I think... Maybe...



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September 29, 2013 01:09AM, 1 comments

Ha...ha..ha... I have no life....

I don't even know why I am on here.......



Questions? - @KatDrakeC (Ask.fm)

Follow? - @KatDrakeC (twitter)


Just kidding kittens and zombies will rule the world.


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I feel Horrible

September 27, 2013 02:09AM, 3 comments

Like for real you guys. You have no idea how much I miss you all.

Like a lot. I miss writing about my stupid life. I just miss writing in general. I haven't really wrote anything in a long, long time. And it really hurts that I don't anymore. It pains me, it slowly eats away at my soul. Writing is my life. I hope it would become my career and what not.

So yeah. I've been dying as much as you guys have.

A lot.

You can't compare.

I've been thinking about you guys a lot, and that I needed to get my ass back on here.

I'm gonna do it guys.

I'm coming back.

Back for good.

Till I disappear again.

But I'll have a better excuse next time.

The only excuse I can think of for right now is;


That's the reason. I hate school.

I'm ending this here, so, maybe I'll start another post tonight.

One or two or five thousand.

You never know when I'll strike you down with posts.



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